Common Rail Fuel System

Common Rail Fuel System


This online training module in common rail technology takes you through the systems function and construction. It presents to you the common rail direct injection advantages, and teaches you the basics of common rail troubleshooting and diagnostics. Learn more with this online training module, and become a diesel injection expert.

  • Timing of injection and conditions for starting the engine
  • Developments in European emission standards and diesel fuel
  • Low-pressure system components
  • High-pressure system components
  • Injection pressure adjustment
  • Troubleshooting issues with fuel flow and pressure
  • Troubleshooting component faults
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Common Rail is now the most common fuel system in diesel vehicles. Deeper knowledge of how common rail fuel system technology works across vehicle makers and system manufacturers is a big advantage when it comes to troubleshooting.


This training module starts by covering the basics of operation and requirements for fuel ignition in the combustion chamber. It then examines the whole fuel system from tank to injector, covering the key components and how they operate. Special focus is given to adjusting the injection pressure. The module also delivers clear explanations for high-pressure and flow control, and how they work in combination.

The final part of the training module covers troubleshooting. Problems are often indicated by fault codes or symptoms, but this module will teach you how to build up a full picture by checking mechanical operation and fuel flow first. Simple tips and methods are provided to help you reach correct conclusions and carry out your work in a logical sequence.


To reach all learning outcomes you need to have a basic knowledge of diesel engine mechanical structure and operation. Troubleshooting experience will also help you to understand how to apply the learning in practice.


This module’s topics and objectives correspond in scope to a conventional 2 day training event.

Once you have made your payment, you get immediate access to the content in the form of a license valid for 6 months. You’ll save time and money by not needing to travel.


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Internet connection with PC or laptop. Recommended screen resolution 1024 x 768 or higher.


After completing your studies and appropriately completed assignments, you will complete the final exam. After completing the final test, you can print a Prodiags certificate from your performance record to mark your expertise.


As a result of taking this training module, you will increase your understanding of different common rail systems, and be better positioned to understand the symptoms of the most common problems and the faults behind them. The examples and guidelines included will help you to troubleshoot and achieve clear results from your investigations.

Practice makes perfect. Improve your skills easily.


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