Tyres, Rims and Tyre Work

Tyres, Rims and Tyre Work


When working on the vehicle’s tyres and carrying out seasonal changing of tyres, you need to know the technical characteristics of tyres and wheel rims. You need to be in possession of proper inspection and mounting/dismounting skills, and you need to be able to advise the customer in safe operation and follow-up procedures. The vehicle’s tyres and wheel rims will give trouble-free service when the tyre and rim condition is attended to by a properly trained tyre-and-wheel professional.

  • Tyre characteristics and requirements
  • Rim characteristics and requirements
  • Inspection of tyres and rims
  • Correct and safe wheel/tyre changing
  • Working on tyres Wheel balancing
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As regards the work and its technical content, there is plenty of information, guidance, experience, and opinions available, both true and false. That is why the tyres, rims, and tyre work package will provide you with the correct and safe starting point for entering the tyre industry as a field of work.


You will get to know the technical characteristics of tyres, wheels and mounting/dismounting procedures of wheels/tyres, and the impact of the various choices made when doing this work. You will learn the basics of good customer service and be able to guide the customer to make better and safer choices, better and safer vehicle use, and adopt correct further measures.

Find the correct work methods and tools to use in changing wheels/tyres. The steps are shown implemented in two ways: as done by professionals and as done by DIY people. You will notice differences in how the job is done and be able to identify those work stages where most of the DIY mistakes happen.

The focus of the “Basics of tyre work” section is on learning the correct sequence of work stages in removing and refitting tyres/wheels, and how they are carried out in the proper manner without causing damage to tyres and rims. The module includes plenty of pictures of the work stages, and together with the cross-sectional presentation progressing with the work, they serve as a guideline to the actual trainee stage.

In the section “Wheel Balancing” you will learn how wheel imbalance impacts on wheel behavior and how wheel imbalance can be rectified using the right tools and accessories. Study is supported by topic-specific sets of questions and a printable task booklet with applicable practice tasks.


To fully benefit from your study, you have to be competent with using the tyre work equipment placed at your disposal, and be familiar with use of the equipment in accordance with the equipment manufacturer’s instructions.


This module’s topics and objectives correspond in scope to a conventional 1.5 – 2 day training event.

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After completing your studies and appropriately completed assignments, you will complete the final exam. After completing the final test, you can print a Prodiags certificate from your performance record to mark your expertise.


After completing this online study module, you will be able to carry out inspections of tyres and wheels, understand the work operations required to change a vehicle’s wheels/tyres and perform tyre balancing for the most common vehicle wheels and tyre types.

Practice makes perfect. Improve your skills easily.


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