Privacy Policy

A General Overview of the Privacy Policy

We strive to provide you with the best services and in the strife to do so, we could have to collect and process a few of your personal data. At the same time, we have a deep respect and value for your privacies and we solemnly take the oath to protect all your collected personal information.

Your personal data are collected, stored and processed just to suit the predefined purpose, thus the main reasons to process your personal data are:

  • Accessing control as well as to safeguard your account

  • Manage e-learning

  • Be a support to the customers

  • Fulfill our promised contractual obligations

  • Fulfill the legal obligations and make an immediate response to the legal claims

  • To target our services to build up a proper relationship

  • To develop our business further

  • Communicate with the customers and respond to the requests made by contracts

  • Fulfill the legal obligations and respond to legal claims

By visiting Woodford Automotive Training Services website, you agree to accept our terms of Privacy Policy, and then you can start using our services

What are the types of Information We Collect?

Basically, we collect information of two types:

i. Personal Data:

Personal data are your identification details and we can contact you through these information. These include your name, email address, contact number, address and user IP addresses. When you submit us these designs voluntarily, then only these information are collected.

ii. Personal Data:

Just like most other websites, we collect statistical and analytical information based on an average visit of all visitors to our website. This information includes demographic information like the place where the user IP address is anonymized or clipped, types of browsers and similar anonymous statistical data which involve the website usage.

What purpose do the data serve when we collect them?

i. We collect Personal data to process them for providing you our service and to contact you regarding any issues and to respond to your queries to solve them out.

ii. We collect the Personal data to understand better from where are the visitors coming which guides us to better organize our website and develop our services.

Information Disclosure to the Third Parties

WOODFORD TRAINING AND AUTOMOTIVE SERVICEScould provide the Personal Data the third parties where the information is similarly combined in relation to the other users of our website.

We might only inform the third parties about the total unique visiting users, the demographic breakdown of the community users and the activities our visitors are engaged in while logged in to our website.

The only parties we might disclose the information are our potential advertisers, commercial partners, advertising service providers, researchers, sponsors and commercial partners complying with the application of the law.

Security Concerns

WOODFORD TRAINING AND AUTOMOTIVE SERVICESwill take up all the security steps in the form of organizational and technical measures for protecting your Personal Data. All your Personal data are protected on secure servers which are hosted by Internet Service Provider ofWOODFORD TRAINING AND AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES.

When do we update, verify and delete the Personal Data?

When we receive information from your end regarding the changes in your personal data, according to our obligations, we shall update and delete your Personal Data. In case, if you want to find out the Personal Data we are holding on and updating from our database, then kindly email us attoptec12@gmail.com.

Changes to our Website Privacy Policy

Whenever we decide to change any of our website's privacy policy, then the details will be posted on our website for you to be aware of the information we are collecting, how we are using it, and if we disclose it under any circumstances. Whatever decision we take regarding your privacy policy, we shall keep you informed through email and process it with your agreement.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are the brief text files which are conveyed to the accessing device of the customer through Webshop. Cookies will be used for collecting the information on Customers' usage of our services and the web pages they have browsed.

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