Workshop Waste Sorting and Recycle

Workshop Waste Sorting and Recycle


The maintenance workshop and the brands it represents should treat the recycling of waste and working in an environmental way as a very important aspect of its business. Success in sorting and recycling is only as good as the skills of the lowest skilled staff. As a result, at the individual level, the expertise in sorting and recycling garage waste is key to operations. Waste sorting and recycling also has strong economic grounds.

  • Basics of sorting at waste stations.
  • Identification and sorting of service waste.
  • Identification and sorting of waste generated by repairs.
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Properly implemented, sorting of workshop waste reduces the environmental load and waste costs. It has a positive impact on the company’s brand, occupational safety and reliability in the eyes of customers.


The variety of chemicals and materials used in the automotive industry is truly vast. The materials used to manufacture the cars are very recyclable as long as you can identify them correctly. Different types of combustion and lubricating fluids, as well as hazardous waste, are toxic when released into the environment, but are still often recyclable even for reuse.

The study material is designed to respond specifically to a mechanic sorting and recycling. In practice, we challenge you to identify how you sort the waste. With the right answer, you will get the necessary additional information, justification and examples of exceptions.

The material has been developed to meet the ISO 14001 environmental certificate known to repairers and the criteria used to grant it. Locally performed sorting and recycling can be combined with regional environmental services the more accurately the waste is sorted and its core composition is known.


To get the most out of your studies, it is good to know workshop operations, maintenance and repair tasks, and vehicle structures and materials.


This module’s topics and objectives correspond in scope to a conventional 1 day training event.

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After completing your studies and appropriately completed assignments, you will complete the final exam. After completing the final test, you can print a Prodiags certificate from your performance record to mark your expertise.


After studying, you will have the information you will be able to do to develop the sorting of workshop waste. You can work in a company whose brand values ​​include good waste management and have an ISO 14001 environmental certificate.

Practice makes perfect. Improve your skills easily.


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