Launch Dpf Cleaning Fluid

Launch Dpf Cleaning Fluid

Launch Dpf Products - DPF001

Launch UK DPF cleaning fluid is a highly efficient product for use with the Launch UK DPF gun. It will dissolve soot build-up in the DPF filter, even from DPFs that will no longer respond to a forced regeneration. The process will reduce soot levels, allowing the DPF software to force a regeneration and recover the DPF filter. Each one-litre bottle should be sufficient for two cars, heavy contamination may require a second treatment. The whole process can be undertaken with the DPF remaining in-situ and should take around 20-30 minutes

Price is for 1 Litre bottle.

Minium order quantity 3 Litres       Shipping paid on minium quantity 1 carton ( 12 litres ).

€ 29 + € 6.50 (shipping) + 23% VAT
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