Launch Dpf Cleaning Gun

Launch Dpf Cleaning Gun

Launch Dpf Products - DPF002

The Launch DPF cleaning gun is designed to help with the cleaning of Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF), a common problem with modern diesel vehicles. This is due to strict regulations designed to reduce harmful emmissions, making DPFs a must-have.

With the DPF cleaning gun, you can spray a cleaning fluid straight onto the DPF via the pressure sensor or vacuum hole. The gun is simply filled with Launch Dpf cleaning fluid and connected to a compressed air line, enabling you to spray at pressure into the DPF.

Once applied, the fluid will start dissolving soot inside the filter. You can apply the fluid without removal or other unnecessary work. Heavily contaminated cases may require a forced DPF regeneration.

This product benefits from a 12 month warranty

Perfect for after the DPF has been cleaned, Dpf cleaning fluid

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