X-431 EURO PRO 5

X-431 EURO PRO 5

Diagnostic Tools - BU-SET-20-PRO5-01

The X-431 EURO PRO 5 is a new, high-end vehicle fault diagnostic device, developed by LAUNCH and based on an Android system. It continues to use the advantages of LAUNCH’s analytical technology, such as wide vehicle model coverage, powerful test functions, an abundance of special functions and accurate test results. The X-431 EURO PRO 5 uses “smart diagnostics” and “cloud diagnostic” technologies for the first time, thus allowing better and more efficient maintenance. The X-431 EURO PRO 5’s Bluetooth connector allows it to achieve in-depth diagnostic functions for most Asian, European and American car models, even including luxury vehicles. Its existing diagnostic functions include read DTC, clear DTC, read data stream, actuation testing, adaptation, coding, etc. The X-431 EURO PRO 5 also has a more user-friendly and high-quality industrial design to provide better protection.

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