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Semi-Professional Diagnosis

The LAUNCH CRP MOT IV is a further development of the previous model CRP MOT III. With its 31 service functions, the new hardware and the powerful diagnostic functions, it is the perfect semi-professional car diagnosis solution for your workshop. It offers a better hardware and software technology, a broad vehicle model coverage, powerful test functions and accurate test data. The new DBScar VII VCI supports more protocols and offers a more stable connection. The unit comes with a handy soft case that makes it easy to organise the MOT IV and its accessories. This product is designed to solve your daily workshop diagnostic problems and make your daily work much easier.
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Complete System Basis Diagnostics and Actuator Test

Designed for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts, this remarkable diagnostic tool empowers you to take control of your vehicle’s health state.
  1. Full System Diagnostics: The LAUNCH CRP MOT IV boasts comprehensive full system diagnostics, ensuring no aspect of your vehicle’s performance goes unnoticed.
  2. Read and Clear Fault Codes: No more guessing what’s wrong with your car. The CRP MOT IV reads fault codes with precision, instantly providing you with a detailed breakdown of the problem. And when you’ve fixed the issue, clearing fault codes is a breeze, ensuring a clean slate for your vehicle’s performance.
  3. Read Out Data Stream: Stay in the know about your vehicle’s real-time performance with the data stream feature. The CRP MOT IV reads out essential data, giving you insight into parameters like engine speed, coolant temperature, and more.
  4. New Actuator Test: To truly understand your vehicle’s condition, you need more than just data – you need practical insights. The LAUNCH CRP MOT IV includes an actuator test feature, allowing you to control and test various components in real-time.
  5. Fast Local Diagnosis via Bluetooth: Gone are the days of cumbersome cables and slow diagnosis. The CRP MOT IV connects to your vehicle effortlessly through Bluetooth, providing a fast and reliable connection.

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