Crp 129 Evo+

Crp 129 Evo+

Diagnostic Tools - LE-129EVO-301050819

Semi-Professional Diagnosis

The CRP 129 EVO + is an intelligent and networkable diagnostic tool based on Android. It has the OBD full functions that best meets the entry-level market demand for passenger cars, as well as the basic diagnostic functions of the four basic systems: engine, automatic transmission, ABS and SRS. Besides, the CRP 129 EVO + also has the most commonly used service reset functions, such as Battery Matching, Brake Reset, Oil Reset, DPF Reset, Injector Calibration, Reset TPMS, SAS Reset, ETS Reset, Reset Adblue, Reset Gearbox, Reset Airfuel, ABS Bleed, and Odometer Reset. Compared with the previous CRP, it has better hardware and more service functions. 
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Full System Basic Diagnostic and 4 Systems DTC

Engine System: Includes all fault codes and data related to the electronic controls of the engine.
Transmission: Covers all fault codes and data for fully automatic transmissions, semi-automatics including direct shift gearboxes (DSG/DCT), and automated manual transmissions.
ABS System: Contains all fault codes and data related to the components of the antilock braking system.
SRS System: Encompasses all faults and data related to the safety restraint systems. 
https://launch-europe.eu/crp-129-evo-plus/   For detailed information.

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