Autocom Cdp+

Autocom Cdp+

Diagnostic Tools

Autocom CARS diagnostic system is a multi brand diagnostic tool for Cars Vans & Light Commercial vehicles.

The interface CDP+ is the latest interface to connect your computer / laptop to the vehicle and includes Bluetooth for wireless connection.

The CDP+ interface includes SD memory card for Flight Record mode to allow live data recording and data logging.

Flight Record mode can be done without the computer once it is setup and intermittent faults can be recorded while driving the vehicle.

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CARS DIAGNOSTICS FOR CARS & LIGHT COMMERCIAL VEHICLES CARS is a professional diagnostic tool for workshops. CARS has an extensive database with a very good coverage for the vehicle brands on the market.

Autocom CDP Plus Diagnostic tools

AUTOCOM's CDP+ is an advanced diagnostic tool with many built-in security features that provide workshops and vehicle inspection companies the possibility of a faster and more reliable diagnosis.

A key feature of the CDP+ is the Flight Recorder, a useful feature that enables detection and recording of errors such as intermittent faults or errors which only occur when the vehicle is in motion.

The AUTOCOM features a Multi Colour Indicator to show the different communication modes and a LED on the connector, for easy access of the diagnostic connector in the vehicle.

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