Launch PFP-100 battery power support

Launch PFP-100 battery power support

Battery Booster packs - PFP100

PFP-100 is a professional 100 Ampere vehicle battery power support unit with high-performance, compact size and high-quality. It is used by garages, car electricians and car dealerships, mainly for supplying continuous power to the vehicles battery, during all stages of ECU reprogramming and flashing, according to the request of car OEMS.

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Technical Data


110 - 220 V

1.200 W

Output Voltage
12 V

Charging Current
2 - 16 V / 2 - 100 A

Battery Selection
Regulare, AGM, GEL

Charge Capacity
10 - 1.200 Ah

Maintenance Capacity
10 - 3.600 Ah

Cable Length
Standard: 3 m

430 x 350 x 140 mm

7,7 kg


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