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Ukat Workshop Data





With modern vehicles becoming more and more complex, the need for comprehensive technical information in your workshop is more important than ever.

Without the correct up-to-date technical information, not even a straightforward service can be considered straightforward.

From selecting the correct grade of oil, resetting service indicators, to comprehensive guides for replacing timing belts and chains - access to technical data is a daily necessity for just about every workshop.

Even being 100% sure what model vehicle you are working on can be a challenge - but not when you have a DVLA linked registration lookup!

Service information Includes service schedules, procedures and times
Repair times OE approved repair times with simple search function
Registration lookup No need to guess which model you have in for repair
Technical diagrams Thousands of exploded diagrams to aid with dismantling/refitting
Wiring diagrams Access to tens of thousands of wiring diagrams
Fuse/relay locations Locations of fuse boxes, fuses and relays
Lubricants/Fluids OE sourced information on viscosity, specification and capacity
Guided fault diagnoses Step by step guided fault diagnosis and component testing
Torque settings & adjustments Thousands of torque settings including diagrams for bolt/nut identification
Customer database Built-in customer database allows you to link registration to customer
Two-user licence UKAT DATA can be used on two devices simultaneously

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