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Launch Diagnostic 3 Book Bundle


A great opportunity to save time and money, this bundle from Launch includes three books which are invaluable to any garage.

The bundle includes:

  • Code Breaker Book
  • Service Reset Book
  • OBD Socket Locator Book

Code Breaker Book

Perhaps the most valuable book for your workshop, the Code Breaker is essential reading material for anyone dealing with modern vehicle diagnostics.

Produced as a reference aid for technicians, this detailed and informative book has explanations of over 2700 EOBD / ISO fault codes including P0, P2, P3 and U0, in-depth descriptions for many diagnostic procedures and component / system descriptions for each code.

A book of over 360 pages, the Code Breaker contains a wealth of guidance and meaningful descriptions that will help you get to grasps with the numerous vehicle models and manufacturers' fault code definitions, minimising the interpretation and helping you make a final diagnostic conclusion quickly and accurately.

Amongst the chapters of the Code Breaker, you will find in-depth information on:

  • How faults are recognised by the ECU
  • Comprehensive explanations of the more commonly found fault code descriptions, including how and why they are activated.
  • “Quick Check” your guide for a series of tests and checks that should be carried out when a fault code is retrieved.

A valuable book for every workshop, the Code Breaker holds the answers to your diagnostic procedures.

Service Reset Book

The Service Reset Book provides quick access to a large number of manual service reset procedures, including service warnings and messages.

Covering more than 250 model ranges such as Audi, BMW, Honda and Vauxhall, this illustrated book shows all applicable controls used for manual reset procedures. It explains both manual and automatic procedures in plain English to enable technicians to view and understand the current service status of the vehicle.

The resetting of service messages and warnings can be a complex procedure, therefore the Service Reset book includes:

  • At least one full page dedicated to each model covered, including illustrations
  • A step-by-step guided procedure for each individual manufacturer’s models
  • Detailed information on what type of services are available for each vehicle, such as oil service or inspection service

Simplifying and speeding up the maintenance of motor vehicles, the Service Reset book belongs in every workshop.

Socket Locator Book

The EOBD Diagnostic Socket Locations book is a handy timesaving manual which illustrates and describes the location of the EOBD 16-pin diagnostic socket for over 500 vehicle models and model derivatives.

Since 2004, all petrol engine and diesel engine vehicles in the European Union are required to have a standard EOBD diagnostic socket but many manufacturers hide this socket behind panels on the dashboard for aesthetic reasons, making them difficult for technicians to locate.

Covering over 500 model ranges including Jaguar, Mazda, Nissan and Peugeot, the compact A5 sized Socket Locater Book features both photographs and line drawings of the cockpit area and a terminal description to identify the location of the EOBD diagnostic socket on each vehicle.

With over 250 pages of useful information, the Diagnostic Socket Locations book will save you time and money, making it an important addition to your workshop bookshelf.

EUR 130.00