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Capalec Combined 4 Gas And Smokemeter


COMPACT VERSION • Graphic screen • 5 key keyboard • Thermal integrated printer (or Matrix Dot on demand) • Mains power supply : 90-260 VAC, 50-60hz • Operating temperature : from 0°C à 40°C • Alphanumeric keyboard input • Petrol and diesel rev-counter • Oil temperature sensor • Trolley : 540 x 990 x 480 mm with a weight of 20 kg (option)

GAS ANALYSER • Compatible with the OIML R99 Class 0 and ISO 3930 standards • Multi-gas analysis mode • Vehicle inspection mode • Compact • Pre-heating time <5 min. à 20° • Automatic condensation extraction • Automatic auto zero evey 30 minutes, priority to measurements.

SMOKEMETER • It is in complete compliance with the opacity control procedure for vehicle inspection centres and with the procedure for determining the opacity applicable to repair workshops • Opacity analysis function with display of the opacity curve • Before use, adjustment to zero value and calibration: automatic • Bluetooth (option) • Linearity check • Low accumulation of soots • Most robust product on the market

EUR 4,750.00 23 % (vat)