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Autocom Truck And Trailer


TRUCKS is professional diagnostic tool for workshops. TRUCKS has an extensive database with excellent coverage for light and heavy commercial vehicles, trailers and buses.

TRUCKS is a highly efficient diagnostic tool for the workshop with functionalities such as Intelligent System Identification (ISI),  Intelligent System Scan (ISS) and Intelligent System Updates (ISU). With features like setting of parameters, configurations, adjustments and calibrations, you can perform diagnostics on many vehicles in a short time.

TRUCKS has many advantages like fast and reliable diagnostics, user friendly software, quick installation and is easy to update.

AUTOCOM TRUCKS is used by many satisfied customers like workshop technicians, vehicle fleet owners, vehicle inspection companies, roadside assistance organizations, police, military and schools.

User friendly • Fast and reliable • Original Data • Extensive database

EUR 3,000.00 23 % (vat)