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Nanothenefuel Lubricant 1 Ltr.


Nanothene is a hi-tech fuel lubricant that uses its proprietary mixture to assist the movement of fuel through the entire system. Suitable for all engines, whether diesel or petrol, it lubricates injectors, valves and pumps, fights emissions and carbon contamination, and offers a significant boost to fuel efficiency. Thanks to Nanothene's advanced emissions-fighting technology, diesel engines also benefit from a drastic improvement to DPF cleanliness - stopping clogs and regeneration issues before they have a chance to get started.

Nanothene is also suitable for use in kerosene boilers, and offers all the same benefits when used as part of a home or industrial heating solution. Fuel economy, cleanliness, and component life will all be improved by Nanothene's hi-tech lubricating formulation, making your heating more efficient than ever.


  • Significantly reduces fuel costs
  • Helps to pass emissions tests
  • Helps keep DPF clean
  • Keeps air intake & EGR valve clean
  • Replaces lubrication lost from sulphur reduction
  • Lubricates injectors, valves & pumps


Simply add Nanothene to the fuel tank using the provided applicator cap. For the best mix, add to an empty tank before filling.

Dilute 1 part Nanothene to 250 parts fuel. One 1L bottle will treat up to 250L of fuel. Each division on the bottle's label represents enough Nanothene to treat 10 litres of fuel.

EUR 13.50 23 % (vat)